What: EZ Way Broadcasting and Radz Records will play host to Viva Doll at her upcoming “Club Viva Tour” Single release event at Rumba Studio’s in Canoga Park California on June 13, 2015 which will be a star-studded event. This Billboard Chart topping artist has already captured the hearts and airways, with three top-ten singles and over five hundred thousand CD’s sold worldwide. Already having garnered a number one hit on the famed Billboard Chart, this energetic multitalented young artist is taking on the world one hit at a time. She has already served as a special guest on the EZ Way Blog-Talk Radio Show, with CEO Eric “EZ” Zuley and VP Dante “Reporter” Obligacion, who questioned her on a multitude of topics ranging from writing, performing and producing, to which TV Shows and artist’s she has been inspired by.Viva has written songs for Marta Sanchez, Lorena Herrera, Lourdes Robles and Gemini. Signed to American/European dance label “Max Music,” with Universal distribution. You’ll recognize her from a list of trending hits, like “Everybody’s Beautiful,” “Keep On Dreamin,” “Dance to the Beat of My Heart” and “Boobies Boobies” It was “Nirvana,” which sold over half a million CD’s charting at #1 on Billboard! Viva conjoins her style with other artist’s to write for them. She ingratiates her style, molding it to procure material suitable for other artist’s talents. Therefore, offering a youthful and exuberant change of pace creating successful hits.

A passion for dance drives this galvanizing singer-songwriter at a burgeoning pace. Innocuous to say the least, she is hell bent for stratospheric heights. Her new Radz Records hit song “Boom Boom,” will be released at the launch party, along with giveaways, live interviews and celebrities. She spoke on the Radio Show of working with top producers in the past and how it has molded her into a better writer and performer. Georgio Moroder was one of the geniuses she’s worked with who challenge space. Casey Porter a Ricky Martin producer, helped in the creation of energetic and riveting dance tunes. Viva is on pace to break barriers and influence our youth. Viva Angelina Sky is a recipient of the “Vive” Award presented to her at the 2013 Vive Awards! The confirmed Press and celebrities for this occasion reads like a who’s who of Hollywood. It will be an explosive and unforgettable night with live performances, giveaways and enough Press for an annual award show. If you’d like to “win some studio time” then come on down! We at EZ Way Broadcasting aren’t bereft of talented new artist’s and understand the need for new creative artistry. It is our goal to amalgamate the special qualities of talented youth with the necessary saturation of publicity required to ascend them to unimaginable heights. Join us as we celebrate a beautiful instrument of nature with another prestigious Red Carpet Event! By: Dante “Reporter” Obligación

Where: 20215 Saticoy St. Canoga Park Ca, 90316 Free Parking, Food, Drinks,

VIP accommodations provided.

When: June 13th 2015 Media check-in 6 pm, 7 p.m. Red Carpet Arrivals Who: Confirmed/Expected

VIVA ANGELINA SKY (VIVA DOLL) Former Universal recording artist sold over 500,000 units, #1 on the Billboards, TKO TALENT, LP OFFISHAL French Pop artist Clothing Designer, MARY DESMOND, BRENTON TYLER HOFFMAN (SLEIGHT OF RHYME) HOLLYWOOD DANCE STUDIO DANCERS Patrick Faucette Tyler Perry’s The Haves & The Have Nots, Trae Ireland Breakin All The Rules with Jamie Fox, Chocolate City Christine Devine Fox 11 News, Reatha Grey NBC’s Lifetimes Betty Whites Off Their Rockers, Liana Faith Actress, Alison Dahlstrom Former Miss California,

Eric “EZ” Zuley EZWAY CONGRESSIONALLY RECOGNIZED UNITED NATIONS ambassador, Host/Actor, Vicky Lee Valentino Model/Actress over 1.9 Likes on FB, Black Thomas Step 2 The Streets, Will To Love with Marques Houston, Marques Houston, Ben Morrison MTV’s Punked, Najee Detiege Blue Ranger Power Ranger Ben Stilwell Shake It Up, Disney Actor, Dara Sisterhen, Disney’s Dog with a blog Super Samurai, Sam Sarpong, Bones, CW Top Video Countdown, James Brock Los Angeles Boxing Champion, Samantha Diane Schultze Mall Cop 2 Dr. Estella Sneider Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Prince Mario Max Royalty in Germany, Darrin L. Miller Black guy on Star Trek Movie, Chocolate City more to be announced

For immediate Release: Contact: Sophia Alverez 424-209-9290 

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