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WORLD'S FIRST MOBILE COLLABORATIVE STUDIO Welcome to the largest production studio in Orange County. At 20,000 sq ft, we offer our facility to the marketplace through sharing unused studio time for anyone who cannot afford big studio budgets. Moblzine works on a very unique model of sharing through clients and members with social media accounts which can reduce studio time to $0 out of pocket for recording or production project cost. More affordable than setting up an studio on your own. Quick and easy. Work the next day. Receptionist, Admin and Tech support provided. Rent Membership as much or as little space as you need. Short-term, long-term, all on your terms. NO CREDIT REQUIRED MEMBERSHIP . Our facility presents an 11,000 sq ft soundstage to fit up to 2-3 sets for your next film and/or photography project. From weddings to concert showcases, our facility is perfect to accomodate space needed to support large, private events with a Dressing Room and a 35 ft Green Screen at your disposal for any promotional usage.

Production Studio 17075 New Hope Suite C Fountain Valley CA 92708
Los Angeles Office 1010 Wilshire Blvd. 1800 suite Los Angeles, CA 90017
Office East Coast Center cocega Bo corsega Carr 115 Interior, Rincon, PR 00677 Contact US 714-451-2029

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