Resume of Timothy James Hunter


At the age of 19 (while still attending Nova University) Timothy became the youngest Regional Vice-President in A.L. Williams Co.  (now Primerica Financial Services). Later at age 22 he was promoted to Senior Vice-President and National Sales Director. 


Timothy is featured in the “Top 100 Heroes” book, recognizing him as one of the Top 100 Earners in the company of over 2,000,000 reps.


Timothy recruited over 10,000 Licensed Insurance Agents for Amerishare Investors of Jacksonville, FL in less than one year!


Timothy conducted numerous Estate Planning and Retirement Seminars for Seniors sharing the stage with local attorneys.  


In one year alone, Timothy earned over $355,000 in Commissions from his personal sales of Millions of Dollars in Tax-deferred Annuities.


Timothy was one of the Original Co-founders of Alexander, Inc.  (World Marketing Alliance/WFG) and became one of the most successful Executives during it’s first 5 years by recruiting, training and developing a team of thousands of Licensed Insurance Agents and Registered Securities Representatives.  (obtaining Series 6, 63 and 26 designations).

Timothy was the Founder and President of a manufacturing, marketing and distribution company that exported products to over 50 countries.  He has developed and consulted on sales compensation plans for several companies.


Timothy lived in both New Zealand and Australia many years as he was married to an Australian resident.


He recruited, trained and developed a team of over 140,000 distributors in Monavie in less than one year.

Timothy recruited a team of over 240,000 people in 11 Countries for Gano Excel coffee company.


Timothy was a corporate consultant (Commission Plan and Product Development) and Founding Distributor of eFusjon, creating and developing a team of tens of thousands while helping the company produce $55,000,000 in sales in less than two years, creating one of the first successful Social Media Marketing campaigns ever.


Timothy has extensive experience in Database creation & development. He is ranked by LinkedIn: “All-Star” for Social Media Marketing and is Founder of PageOnePlease.com. specializing in Online Brand Management.  He is proficient with CRM’s such as Salesforce.com, Pipedrive and others.


Timothy has enjoyed learning his whole life and has taken numerous Training Courses on Marketing, Sales, Insurance, Finance, Psychology, Economics and most recently Social Media and Online Marketing.


Because of Timothy’s extensive travel and success in a variety of Industries he is uniquely qualified to communicate effectively with a variety of ethnic, social and age demographics.  Timothy is an excellent Speaker and Trainer whether on the phone or in front of a group of 20 people or 20,000.



Professor Craig Hampton (Oxford University Distinguished Professor of Law and Insurance)


Mike Dressander – Founder Dressander|BHC (Most Annuity Sales in my Career with Mike)


Judge (Ret.) Irwin W. Stolz (past President of the Georgia Bar Assoc.)


Kenny Gilmore, Mississippi  (former National Sales Director with Primerica Financial Services)


David Bass, Florida (former Senior Vice-President of Primerica Financial Services)


Tony L. Hensley (Area Manager for United Health Care)


James Helmuth, Scottsdale, AZ (Medical Clinic Owner)


Coach Bill Brown, Laguna Beach, CA (former Head Coach Laguna Beach HS – Director of Non-Profit Org)


William ‘Bill’ Mitchell, World Financial Group -- (Recently described Timothy Hunter as… “The Best Recruiter Ever!  {after Xuan Nguyen})


Debbie Gregory, Dallas TX (Real Estate and Insurance Broker)


Contact details of all references available on request

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