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This Long Sleeve InfraCrystal™ Compression top with is patent pending biomechanical X-Form™ focuses on contributing to enhancing performance by promoting posture, combat fatigue, and assists in oxygen intake during activities as well and recovery time. InfraCrystal™ fabric has been uniquely engineered to emit far-infrared ray (FIR). Far-infrared Rays offer: oxides of zirconium, aluminum, zinc, titanium and antimony. Combined, these elements are known to help improve blood circulation, repair and regenerate overworked tissues, muscles and nerves cells, reduce inflammation and decrease pain.

Additional features & benefits:

• UV Guard – helps protect from the danger of the sun’s ultra-violet rays.
• Seamless – flawless stitches through garment to enhance comfort.
• Anti-Odor – deters the growth of microorganisms that promotes body odor and fumes.
• 4-Way Stretch – allows for minimum effort during wide range and radical maneuvers.
• Drytek – allows the wicking of moisture away from the skin.
• Eco-Friendly – reducing the impact on our environment.

*SAKOS International products have not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any ailment. Results may vary

from individuals.

Sakos Active Wear from Sakos International Inc on VIDEO.

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