Risque Sparkling Wine is the creation of Mr. DMH owner of DMH Empire & Luins and Maureen Williams of Premier Label Water Co; all pioneers and innovators in their own craft. Risque Sparkling Wine is a premier branch of MORENO BHLV which has won many taste and bottling awards in the beverage industry.

Six months of ; which is a grower and producer since 1935. Working

together with the vineyard two formulas for Risque Sparkling Wine was

created, BRUT and ROSE PRIVÉ.

Risque BRUT is a blend of Mendocino County Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and

French Colombard grapes creating a rich expression of balanced ripe exotic

fruit, not too dry not too sweet with a light honey apple nose and a smooth

finish; fruitier than most traditional Brut Champagnes.

Risque ROSE PRIVÉ is a blend of Mendocino County Pinot Noir grapes
creating a lively expression of assertive fruitiness and fresh summer
berries with a light rose nose, creamy texture and smooth finish; not as
sweet as most Rosé Champagnes

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