Vice President (VP) of Sales iMarketsLive

 John Rustin has 27 years of experience in building some of the top brands and launching over 100 companies! John is an accomplished executive, serial entrepreneur, and branding strategist. John established training companies such a Wave5 Partners in Canada, which trained Excel Communications top Canadian teams. As technologist John has had over 62.5 million unique visitors visit his network and 1 Billion impressions on his advertising network a month. John brings 15 years of mobile marketing, online marketing and technology development platforms with proprietary technologies to iMarketsLive to dominate all online social media.


John Rustin served as VP of 2021 Interactive in Orem UT and Dallas TX. 2021 Interactive was a premier MLM software company operating for nearly 20 years.

John Rustin was General Manager of North America for Winalite Corporation and was instrumental in achieving record sales of over 100,000 to 350,000 a day as Winalite expanded to the US market place. John helped Winalite make an impact with International growth of 2.4 million representatives in 27 months. The U.S. branch trained corporate offices in 5 countries. John’s global network reaches 4 million direct sales people in 60 countries.

iMarketsLive is honored to have a John Rustin as our new VP of Sales as he brings along his wealth of knowledge, industry experience and expertise. John is consistently looking to improve IML for the customer and IBO in any way he can that will bring IML to the top of the Trading Education and MLM industry.

Its Time Main Street Gets Paid Like Wall Street 

John Rustin 

VP of International Markets Live,Inc

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