CJC Live Offers Innovative Solution for Video Influencers Demonetized by “Adpocalypse2019”

  CJC Live Offers Innovative Solution for Video Influencers Demonetized by “Adpocalypse 2019”
SUMMARY:CJC Live is the first streaming platform merging fans with branded entertainment content channels from the voices of top athletes, music stars, fashion icons, and celebrities. Cjclive.com has developed a virtual ecosystem through open source technology, supporting broadcasts by content partners to unlimited multi-screen viewers. This open source, “Uber-like”, shared economy,offers a viable and attractive solution for video creators on other platforms who’s channels and ad revenue have been abruptly demonetized; the unofficial term, “Adpocalpse 2019.”(Newswire–March 15, 2019) --Adpocalypse 2019 is here. The term itself is internet slang, video influencers are using,to call the recent decision of video platforms to demonetize thousands of channels, dramatically cutting the revenue influencers receive from advertisements on the platform and integrated in user channels, leaving these influencers, some with very large followings, wondering where they can create and earn.CJC Livesays they have a solution. CJC Live is a grassroots,gamefied, video, live streaming and pay-per-view platform with an ethos of rewarding users and content creators within its virtual ecosystem. Essentially, users compete and are highly motivated to engage in both the sharing of live and recorded video content as well as the creation of their own Pay-per-view channels where their passions lie.

“CJC”, is an acronym for “Control Just Changed”,referring to it’s decentralized, open source architecture, and shared economy, a philosophy much like Uber, Airbnb and many others,showing the possibilities of a new system where people join together, create, share and grow.CEO, Reginald Braziel says,“Our platform is not about growing a single enormous entity as the social media platforms of the past created, with total control,merely enriching themselves. CJC Live is more of a movement designed to bring people together from around the world, and incentivize them to create their own unique content and tell their stories. This is why it’s called ‘Control Just Changed’ because we think of this collectively, as our platform,together.”Braziel, went on to say, “With the growth of so many major platforms and Billions in revenue being generated by them, you may ask... ‘What about the people?’ Withall the clicks and Billions creating,there has been no solution for the actual people ... Until now.”CJC Live is a family friendly platform for its users, content creators and advertisers. It is operational and in the early stages of realizing its vision but moving quickly, evangelizing its innovative, gameified, shared economy, video platform and “disrupting the disrupters”, as they like say.The CJC Live Platform can be found at http://CJCLive.comor you may contact them at
CJC Live
2 Science Park Drive #02-06
Singapore Science Park , SP 118222
Phone 800-252-4181

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