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"I have had very good results with Alka Pure. I have more energy and less bloating. Alka Pure has a very smooth and refreshing taste. I would recommend this product to everyone, especially those with a health issue. I've also noticed I'm losing weight. A great product.
Thanks to the Alka Pure company."
Cape Coral, FL

"This water has an excellent taste and high alkaline level. I tested it myself and was surprised to find it as advertised or higher. If you know any about the benefits of alkaline water I suggest you give this a try. You won't be sorry."
Riley C. / Westland, MI

"Great product!!!!!!!!!! Very refreshing taste."
Fernell N. / Pine Bluff, AR

"Best tasting bottle water I ever had. I sent some to a friend with cancer and his doctor told him whatever he was doing keep doing it. I tested the alkaline level myself and its 9.5 to 10.5 as advertised. High alkaline water is good for all of us. This one tastes great!
Ryan C. / Rhine, GA

"I really love this water. Perfect size bottles fit in my cup holder. Great taste and good for your health."
Ronald C. / Inkster, MI

"I have been adding a tube of the Alka Pure concentrate to my strong morning coffee for more than a year. It turns the coffee to an enjoyable, delicious warm drink – the acidity just disappears. I simply can't drink coffee without it. So I always carry a couple of tubes in my handbag to add to my coffee or coffee drinks at restaurants.
Thank you, Alka Pure."
J. Dohle / Laguna, CA

"I have been drinking your water for about 8 months now and am writing you to tell you how delighted I am that I have found a product that is true to its claims. As an avid mountain biker, competitive waterskier and karate instructor, I need a product that hydrates as efficiently as possible and I have found it. I have tried most all the different smart waters out there and none of them does what Alka Pure water does for me. And with the added health benefits of alkaline.

I am somewhat of a skeptic when it comes to new products. I am well aware of what it takes to make the body work, as I have studied the martial arts since 1976 and have been mountain biking for over 20 yrs. Nutrition and exercise is where its at. So I took your product out for a little spin, so to speak.

I went on a mountain bike ride up Glendora Mountain Road which is about an 8 mile climb. I got a late start about 12 noon and it was about 90 degrees out. I filled my Camelbak full of Alka Pure water and brought a baggie full of Endurolytes which I usually take on hot sweaty rides to prevent cramping. The total ride is about 16 miles and I was amazed at the end of the ride that I was able to complete it without taking any of the Endurolytes. Hydration is the most important component in this type of exercise and your product works. I have never been able to do this before. The only water I now drink is Alka Pure. Thank you so much.

Oh and by the way don't stop making the Go Paks. They make mixing large amounts of your water very convenient."

Tom Cosgrove
Vice President, Red Dragon Karate

"I have used your product before and it made me feel hydrated, alert and clear. Recently, I was having a conversation with one of my clients who was drinking bottles of alkaline water and it reminded me of the success I had with Alka Pure. I recommended he try Alka Pure GoPaks rather than having to lug large bottles of water everywhere. After the conversation I decided to order more as well."
BD / Beverly Hills, CA


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