Self-deploying financial
mobile payment solutions: giving true hope for
the unbanked, on the the big blue marble in space.
6 Billion+ people in the world need help - the un-banked and under-banked. They cannot (or cannot easily):

Have the security of not always having to carry cash • Travel • Spend outside of their countries • Receive money from outside of their countries • Participate In “Globalization” – being shut-off by their banks & Central Banks • Note: most bankcards issued in developing countries have restrictions and cannot be used internationally; therefore, most of the currently banked in the world are, essentially, under-banked.
Their predicaments are getting worse: • Banks are abandoning more of these people • Banks call it, “De-Risk” • De-Risk means more un-banked (bank-less) • Banks favor the 1% - The richest 1% of the world now owns 50% of its wealth (totaling $250 trillion)

There is a $ Trillion+ market to reward helping the 99% (6 billion+).

Cash Out your Bitcoin to Points 

Load Points on Visa or MasterCard

ACH your Points to Bank Account Anywhere

Send Points to other members Anywhere 

No Fees to transfer Point to Anyone one JRG network 

Never loose money owning Bitcoin again 

Register in 120 Countries 

Visa Debit Card

MasterCard Credit Card

Use MasterCard Improve your Credit

Own Your own Crypto Online Bank 

Coming Soon !

Convert Any Publicly traded Cryptocurrency to Points

Certified Territory Trainers

JRA Wearable Swipe Technologies 

JRA POS App for Retails Stores

JRA E Commerce website shopping cart 

Private Label Non Profit mobile wrist payment bands

Bitcoin address transfer fiat bands 

We believe if 1 Million customers joined us and invited 10 friends to Jreviv Global's payment services we can change the world in less than 24 months.


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